We live in an extraordinary polarized world.

In fact, a 2018 study revealed that most around the world say that their country is divided — & the majority think the division is deeper than it was 10 years ago 💔

But did you know, even in this deeply divided world…

Swami Vivekananda said, “ Education is the manifestation of perfection already in human beings”.

In the centre of the development narrative for the world, is the issue of poverty and resulting inequality — an issue that goes back aeons.

It’s widely established that mass education is one of the surest…

We are in November 2020.

Scientists have just found that the entire Antarctic region sits on 100+ volcanoes. Climate change means that these can wake up & devastate the earth faster than we imagine.

A few hours back, Boko Haram killed 110 innocent ‘farmers ’in Nigeria. …

Steve Jobs wasn’t just another tech or business guy. He was a philosopher, a harbinger of a new era of technology, creativity and a campaigner for changing the world for better.

Steve Jobs was not just a man,but a mystic. And the absolute, when it comes to inspiring millions around…

By next Christmas, the child shall stop begging at the traffic-signal

The mother shall not sell her body.

By next Christmas, everyone has food every night

House. Hope. Family.

By next Christmas, no Smog, no toxicity

By next Christmas, no one drives drunk. No one sleeps in the pavement .

Subhadeep Bhattacharyya

Entrepreneur. Jubi.ai ( Enabling the vision of AI for every business)

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